Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Schedule of Beauty pageant in March

National Beauty Pageant's Schedule :
March 16 - Miss Ecuador 2012 – Winners go to Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International 2012
March 17 -Miss Nicaragua 2012 – Winners go to Miss Universe 2012and Miss International 2012
March 24Miss World Thailand 2012 – Winner goes to Miss World
March 29Femina Miss India 2012 – Winner goes to Miss World 2012. Runner-ups to Miss Earth 2012and Miss International 2012
March 30 - Miss Panama 2012 – Winners go to Miss Universe , World, Earth, International 2012
March 31Ceska Miss 2012 – Ceska Miss goes to Miss Universe; Ceska Miss World goes to Miss World, and Ceska Miss Earth competes in Miss Earth. 1st runner-up goes to Miss Supranational
March 31 Miss Ukraine 2012 – winner goes to Miss World 2012

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Miss India said...

The Femina Miss India 2012 final is on 30 March.

The 2012 Femina Miss India pageant is the biggest Indian beauty pageant which sends India's official representatives to major international pageants.