Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Miss Global Beauty Pageant 2011 Press conference

Miss Global Beauty Pageant 2011:

The Miss Global Beauty Pageant 2011 Press conference was held on the 7th April 2011 in Seoul attended by many Korean Press, media and sponsors. In Attendance was also the
reigning Miss Global Beauty Queen 2009/10 – Miss Vasana Wongbuntree from Thailand and Miss Korea GBQ – Haemy Chung. Main Sponsor Mr. Lee Eun Son,- CEO of Topheadvision Co Ltd together with Alex Liu, president of Miss Global Beauty Queen Organization, Mr. Park Donghyun and Ms Crystal Huo of ERM Korea and Mr. Lee Changsik the producer of the Miss Global Beauty Queen Pageant.

One of the highlights of the press conference was the launching of ERM’s pageants new charity theme “ Beauty with Heart”, where it will start a new chapter of charity work done through all ERM’s Pageants to raise money and also help the less fortunate people around the world. We do not limit ourselves to just helping children but also to help the elder people who are sick and destitute. Also to help people in disaster stricken areas around the world. Our new logo has a pair of hands in the shape of a heart with our theme slogan line “Beauty with a Heart”. We encourage all our national directors to use our pageants with the “Beauty with a Heart” theme to raise funds and provide help for all in need in their countries and worldwide projects. A special award will be given to country with the best “Beauty with a Heart” project. Plans are on the way to set up a “Beauty with a Heart” Foundation to champion this purpose further.
Our Korean organizers, ERM Korea Ltd  are the first to use this theme in the ERM pageant to be organized in Seoul this coming May 2011.
Our Beauty with a Heart tag line is “IF YOU ALWAYS GIVE, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE” which is taken from an ancient Chinese saying from “Love” and “Generosity”

Source: Global Beauty Queen 2011 

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