Monday, May 2, 2011

Only two deserve supermodel title in Vietnam

It’s ironic that there are more “supermodels” in Vietnam than the rest of the world combined, said Thuy Nga – director of Vietnamese Elite Model Management Company. 
Supermodel Ha Anh

Nga said never in her life has she seen the modeling market in Vietnam in greater chaos. In an interview with The Thao Van Hoa (Sports and Culture) newspaper, Nga said only two local models deserve the ‘supermodel’ title for their talent, modeling experience and professionalism, namely Ha Anh and Thanh Hang. Ha Anh was a professional model with a UK-based fashion company and had a steady job in the UK. She has also won several performing contracts in other countries. Hence, she has learned a lot and developed professionalism for the job, Nga said, adding that Ha Anh is more polite and friendly, more punctual than other Vietnamese models, always meet the expectations and demands of fashion show directors. 

Moreover, she communicates well with foreign clients in English. “These factors make a lot of difference,” Nga concluded. Many local models often hesitate to audition and complain about this because they think their “supermodel” status should exempt them from such screening tests. One more problem with these so-called Vietnamese supermodels is their lack of understanding and knowledge about their profession, Nga pointed out. They just think having a pretty, frigid face would make them a good model. As a result, they often put on a glacial face on the catwalk, thinking this would appeal to the audience. 
Supermodel Thanh Hang

They could not be more wrong. Foreign models in world-class fashion shows always have a wonderfully expressive style on the catwalk, Nga said. Many Vietnamese models have tried to attract attention by gesticulating and shaking their bodies while performing on stage. It is ridiculous that several reporters and directors have praised these as “creative acts” and evidence of their “supermodel” status. I don’t know what foreign fashion experts would think about Vietnamese fashion business when they see these “creative acts,” Nga mused to herself. Another supermodel mentioned by Nga is Thanh Hang. With the length of 112 centimeters (44 inches), Thanh Hang is said to be the longest-legged supermodel in the country’s fashion world. 

Source: TT-VH/Tuoi Tre

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Topcat said...

Here are all my 10 votes for Ms. Ha Anh. The stuff dreams are made of. I am generally a face man but her curves don't hurt. Sexy, sultry, senscious, beautiful. I pray she also has personality and character.