Friday, April 29, 2011

Photos Miss Bahamas 2011 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Bahamas 2011:
 Miss Bahamas 2011 contestants in Swimsuit
 The Swimsuit Competition (fast track) took place in Abaco. The WINNER was 20-year-old Daronique Young. She was scored a 29.6.
In 2nd place with 29.5 points was Anastagia Pierre.
In 3rd place with 29.1 points was Brooke Sherman.
In 4th place with 27.8 points was Tempestt Stubbs.
Check out photos of contestants in swimsuit:

1st Runner-up was 22-year-old Anastagia Pierre with a score of 29.5.

2nd Runner-up was Brooke Sherman.

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