Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photos of Miss Philippines Earth 2011 winner

Miss Philippines Earth 2011:

The winners of the recently concluded Miss Philippines Earth 2011 had an exclusive pictorial held at the Valley Golf Club Mansion in Antipolo City this afternoon, June 13, 2011.
The photo shoot was hosted by Ever Bilena , the leading cosmetics brand in the Philippines. Athena Mae Imperial (MPE Earth 2011), Jonavie Raisa Quiray (Air), Muriel Orais (Water), Michelle Gavagan (Fire) gamely posed for the photograhers invited to the event. Tarhata Rico (Eco Tourism) was indisposed due to an eye irritation.

Ever Bilena will soon be celebrating their 30th year in the cosmetics business and is planning to expand outside the Philippines in the near future. Also, they are introducing new and exciting products that women will definitely love to try out.

Our special thanks to Mr. Deoceldo SY – President and CEO, Ms. Christine Gabriel – Ever Bilena Icon, Mr. Onin Mas Head of Marketing for Ever Bilena and Mark Salecina for Careline Cosmetics.

Gharyjohn and Tiennelynne, Photo credit : Opmbworldwide

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