Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty queen and body art

Model Dam Thu Trang, one of the top 20 contestants of Miss Vietnam 2010, is to bare all for artists to paint natural symbols on her body to support Earth Day on March 26.
Before joining this project, Trang learnt about body painting. She said that the art has existed for centuries and has a close attachment to human beings and nature.
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The earth is suffering many natural disasters, which are partly caused by human activities. Trang wishes to do something that is meaningful for herself and the community.

For the body-art project, Trang had to abstain from food from the morning to the afternoon and was nude for six hours to allow three painters to paint on her body.
Dam Thu Trang and body-painting artworks:

Photo: Le Thien Vien
Makeup: Gia Tri
Stylist: Phuong Nga
Body Painting: Tao Xanh
Source: VNE

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