Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maria Daniella Borcatto won Miss World Alagoas 2011

Road to Miss Mundo Brazil 2011/ Miss World Brazil 2011:
Maria Daniella was crowned Miss World Alagoas 2011

Maria Daniella Borcatto, Miss Maceio, was crowned Miss World Alagoas 2011 or Miss Mundo Alagoas 2011, in the city of Arapiraca. Miss Arapiraca was the 1 st runner-up, and Miss Sau Miguel dos Campos was the 2nd runner-up. Maria Daniella is 18 years old, 1.71 m- tall, and a student of Economics and Law. She will compete in Miss World Brazil 2011, on August 13, at Hotel Frade, in Angra dos Reis.

Morgan (Miss World 2010 AL), Jessica (Arapiraca, second place), Maria Daniella (AL Miss World 2011) Patricia (São Miguel dos Campos, third place), Kamilla Salgado (Brazil Miss World 2010), Camilla Reis (Miss World AL 2009)

Misses Alagoas 2010, 2011, 2009, e Miss Mundo Brasil 2010


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