Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mariana Notarangelo crowned Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011

Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011:

The 21 year old beauty Mariana Notarangelo hails from the city of Rio de Janeiro of which is also the land of Samba and Carnival.
She is a student at College Unigranrio and she is conversant with Portuguese, Spanish and English and she is the first winner from South America in Miss Global Beauty Queen History.

She enjoys swimming in her spare time and without any doubt, her favorite sports personality is the legendary footballer, Pele.
Both, her parents are teachers and her ambition in life is to be a doctor of which like her parents, contribute their time to teaching, she would like to dedicate her time to healing the sick.
Winner                                 -              Miss Brazil, – Mariana Notarangelo
21 yeas old, 174 cm
1st Runner-up                    -              Miss Korea, – Haemy Chung
23 years old, 171 cm
2nd Runner-up                   -              Miss Australia, – Danielle Byrnes
24 years old, 172 cm
3rd Runner-up                    -              Miss Russia, – Natalia Chirkova
21 years old, 175 cm
4th Runner-up                                    Miss South Africa, – Caylene Marais
23 years old, 173 cm

Other 10 SEMI-FINALISTS in descending order – Total Top 15 semi- finalists
6. Miss Canada – Elishia Sahota
7. Miss Thailand – Supharat Thai-Uea
8. Miss Romania – Maria Bledia
9. Miss Serbia – Jelena Vucic
10. Miss Estonia,-  Keisi Lokk
11. Miss Greece – Teodora Vranic
12. Miss Bosnia – Zvezdana Perendija
13 Miss Albania – Nevina Shtylla
14. Miss Vietnam  - Phan Thi Huong Giang
15. Miss India – Supriya Shailja


  1. Miss Photogenic –  Miss Albania, Nevina Shtylla
  2. Miss Friendship – Miss Estonia, Keisi Lokk
  3. Miss Talent – Miss Indonesia , Maya Permata Sari
  4. Best National Costume –  Miss Thailand, Supharat Thai-Uea
  5. Miss Internet Popularity – Vietnam, Phan Thi Huong Giang

 Source: http://vnbeauty.info/mariana-notarangelo-crowned-miss-global-beauty-queen-2011/

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