Friday, April 22, 2011

“Universal Steps” kicks off

The first show of season two of Vietnam Television’s (VTV) “Universal Steps”; the version of the world famous “Dancing with the stars” reality show, took place in Hanoi on April 17, with 10 Vietnamese celebrities and their international partners.

The launching show was praised by the local media as “impressive” and “brilliant”. The show was similar as a variety show, not a competition, with music, comedy and dancing to introduce competitors to the audience.
Competitors – celebrities introduced their forte, combined with dancing. Singers Thu Minh, Nguyen Vu, Hua Vi Van, Anh Khoa, and Thuy Tien both sang and danced. Model Vu Thu Phuong and actor Huy Khanh did a catwalk act, while actor Dai Nghia, actresses Kim Hien and dancer Danial performed a drama-dance.

Actress Thanh Thuy sang and danced to a step-dance routine. Two members of the jury champion dancers, Chi Anh,Khanh Thi and their partners, also stepped on to the dance floor and dazzled with their nifty moves.
Filmmaker Le Hoang, another judge, did not show up. Renowned musician and singer Tran Tien completed the four-man jury after becoming a last-minute addition, following the withdrawal of filmmaker Nguyen Quang Dung, due to an “overwhelming schedule.”
Tien, known for his outspoken comments at a music competition last year and his sense of humor, is expected to be a breath of fresh air this season.
“Universal Steps” will be broadcast live from Hanoi, HCM City, and Vung Tau Sunday nights at 8pm. The competition will end on July 3.
Celebrities shine in “Universal Steps”:
Singer Thu Minh

Singer Thuy Tien-rocker Anh Khoa

Singers Hua Vy Van and Nguyen Vu

Actor, singer Hua Vi Van and Anna Nikolaeva Sidova.

The show host Doan Trang

Actor Dai Nghia was applauded for his humorous acting.

Actor Huy Khanh and model Vu Thu Phuong.

Actress Thanh Thuy and Aleksandar Ilievachev.

Model Vu Thu Phuong and Tihomir Romanov Gavrilov.

Show hosts Thanh Bach and Doan Trang.

Jury members Tran Tien and Chi Anh

Jurymember Khanh Thi

Jurymember Chi Anh

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