Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011

Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011:
Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011 Contestants

Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011 will be crowned on une 5 at the National Cultural Centre. The winner will represent the country in Miss Universe 2011.
The contestants will be vying for Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011 are: Joy Ann Biscette, Jamilla Lansiquot, Natasha John, Solange Lenihan, Patrish Lionel, Katrina Scheper and Lynnell Esnard.


Anonymous said...

cute girls,
would go for from the left the first girl then the 3rd and 4th girl
any more photos of them ?

Anonymous said...

joyann bcuz see seem fit 4 the job from the left 1st nd 3rd

vaince joseph said...

joyann because she is accostom with modeling and has the skills

Anonymous said...

skills? first it is the look that counts most and the overall look not just the face but body as well, as far as skills go this part can be worked on, not like one has to be a rocket scientist?
I do not know who is who but by this photo i can see 3 that look ok
that is from the left
3rd 4th and 5th girl
good luck to you

Anonymous said...

I found the name of the 3rd girl
solange lenihan, i agree with the comments she is cute and so is the others mentioned as well. so good luck to them all

Renee Chester said...

The young lady in the Green blouse and black skirt looks very fit for the title! But best of luck to all of you Princesses!
Best wishes Joyann!

Anonymous said...

I like as well the two girls, joy and Solange Lenihan but what with the karate wear?
good luck to all of you Darligs

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmmmmm, joyann not so sure, I like the girl with the white blouse at the end she has far better face than joyann, sorry not sure of her name, ummm solange yes nice face but I agree with the other comments change the back gear you have on it is terribel, who is your manager girls why did they let you all be published in this way, the poor girl with the clown make up I agree not good but she is cure just has to have a proper make over.

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Cindy Dy said...

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